How to find the breakthrough of Chinese fast food

we can not deny that the presence of foreign fast food, the development of China’s food and beverage industry has a different influence. However, with the rapid development of the entire food and beverage market, and now Chinese fast food has also been very rapid development, but how to share with the western fast food fast food market is still a problem. So, how to find a breakthrough in Chinese fast food fast food? Let Xiaobian to you.


for the past ten years, foreign fast food in Chinese wantonly "expanding its territory", pocketed big gains, even if it is called junk food, but still can not stop people sought to fast food, simply delicious or fast? However, in the past two years, under the stimulation of Western fast food, Chinese fast food seems to have found a breakthrough, from the breakout of Western fast food out, the momentum is not less than the western fast food.

central kitchen to achieve standardization of Chinese fast food

before talking about Chinese food and Western fast food, the biggest difference is that in the foreign fast-food chain to eat the taste of the product as one of thousands of stores, and very fast food; but most of them are now make and sell food taste good or bad depends largely on the chef’s technology, but also need to wait a long time meal.

however, now many excellent Chinese fast-food restaurants at present through the central kitchen, centralized production, unified distribution of food products, together with the standard store operation specification, has achieved a franchise of food flavors and products to the store because consistent from beginning to end, has completed 90%, a meal is very fast, which makes the advantage of Western fast food standard and fast increasingly weak.

addition, Chinese fast food meals in traditional Chinese dumplings, wonton, rice, noodles, the taste is more in line with people’s needs, and therefore more popular.

theme Xiuzhang costume unique brand connotation

modern people eat more is the pursuit of comfort, Chinese fast food has more advantages than western fast food places is that Chinese fast-food shop decoration reflect their different theme, more brand connotation, nature also attract diners.

value-added services to enhance the level of service

is now a Chinese fast food restaurant service is not only warm and thoughtful, and other value-added services, such as intimate meal card, free wireless Internet, newspapers and periodicals, wonderful music, comfortable chairs and tables, the customer into the store to get the service is not bad than western fast food.

throughout the western fast food in Chinese development, which in addition to meet the needs of the people the convenient dining, the clean and comfortable dining environment, the standard of taste as a product, a variety of high quality service is also popular, and these Chinese fast food can do the same, and recommended

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