Anhui migrant workers return home entrepreneurship in Fuyang

now because the entire entrepreneurial environment and entrepreneurial government policy is excellent, so also attracted many migrant workers returning home actively carry out a series of entrepreneurial activities, such entrepreneurial activity has attracted many people’s attention.

eighteen, new urbanization is defined as the Chinese economic growth engine in the next 20 years. In early 2015, the national development and Reform Commission and other 11 departments jointly issued the national new urbanization pilot program, proposed to Anhui, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities such as Ningbo as a comprehensive pilot area 62.

has a population of 10 million 580 thousand in Fuyang city of Anhui province is the most populous cities as of the end of 2014, the urbanization rate is only 37%, behind the Anhui average of 12 percentage points behind the national average of 17 percentage points. Such a large population of agricultural city how to promote the construction of new urbanization? Recently, the China business reporter at the Sina Gold Kirin Forum on the interview with the CPC Fuyang Municipal Committee Secretary Yu Yong.

business stimulating employment of migrant workers returning home

"China business": Anhui is one of the two pilot provinces of new urbanization in China, and Fuyang is Anhui’s largest agricultural big city, what do you think of the new urbanization of this work?

in Yong: I am very glad to see a central working conference of the new town, I personally think that the new urbanization work conference is the about 10000000 people of Fuyang open. Because the new urbanization is put forward to solve the "three one hundred million", "one hundred million is the first to promote the transfer of agricultural population settled in the town", Fuyang now has about 2800000 outside workers; second is to "guide the one hundred million issue of the nearest town" in the Midwest, Fuyang is also in the Midwest, and or a population size of 10 million 580 thousand agricultural big city; third is the transformation of one hundred million people live in shanty towns and villages ", Fuyang villages, shantytowns area of 40 square kilometers.

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