How to open a green Manicure shop

Manicure shop is very common in today’s society, at the same time there are a lot of young girls are more like to do Manicure, but we all know that Manicure store material has certain pollution, so to promote environmental protection now, how to open a green Manicure


1, buy green energy-saving products

2, save electricity

to further save energy, will not remember to turn off the power appliances, unplug the plug in you, be completely off. If you are really committed to environmental protection Manicure store, don’t mind paying a little cost, you can consider the use of renewable energy, such as wind and solar, specifically how to do, can consult this supplier.

3, ensure ventilation

1, daily necessities

The use of

2, Manicure products

open Manicure shop need to use Manicure products? How do green? For example, the traditional nail and nail care products containing chemical substances, such as a large number of acetone, toluene and ethyl acetate and so on, these are the health hazards of pollutants. In the choice of Manicure products, to the formal manufacturers purchase, and carefully check the product to ensure the use of raw materials, it is non-toxic, on human health will not pose a threat. For example, India Chanel Manicure headquarter offered to franchisees Manicure products, all the world famous brand, natural, healthy and high quality.

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