And business to attract customers

now has competition in all walks of life, it is a recognized fact, in the face of competition, as a shopkeeper, how should we do? I am afraid that any operator should learn. Some shopkeepers in business to be robbed. They quarrel in the shop, even if rational, in fact to the business of the shop will also have a negative impact. Therefore, the operation of the gas, it is really able to attract customers, it is really helpful for the development of the store business.

in the evening, I went out for a walk with a very good friend, the town of the night was illuminated by a red, see the crescent moon and the stars in the sky. We have this habit every day, eat dinner to go out for a walk 1~2 minutes, as exercise.

we walk at the same time, laughing and talking, imperceptibly come to a night in the open-air tea street in laughter, thick tea with roadside osmanthus with nostrils, bustling streets, seems to add a beautiful landscape for the city. See be in full swing tea street, we have a somewhat greedy. So, in front of the teacher, I make a return to the East, looking for a guest at most a called "Guanyang tea" sat down. We guess: the most guests, tea technology is undoubtedly the best one, this is the psychology of ordinary people, we are no exception. Other store business is a little light.

tea to drink half of the store, saw a team of men and women, about four or five bar, go to the store we had tea, because the store’s boss is money, not to say hello. Is the next shop shouting "boy drinking tea? To! Come! There is a good location." This warm greeting really efficacious, seeing it to the mouth of the ducks suddenly gone. Our store’s boss hands waving angrily at teaspoon shop next door and shouted: "really shameless! Under all open grab business under the watchful eyes of the people……"

the next boss is also a very good role, shouting: "people love not resigned to playing second fiddle! You like you can also! No one had sealed your mouth…… "

two also regardless of the consequence, regardless of places names. The guests had no tea, we next to the two tables of guests left people heave great sighs. Look at this, nosy I went to the boss side, said softly: "boss, do business should pay attention to so many guests at Friendliness is conducive to business success., tea, you got to feel tired, the guests will leave, why not go with the money! What do you say?"

, "she was wrong."! I don’t scold her, others will treat me like a fool! So……" The boss and the argument.

"I know, boss, you shut up, others think you understand the overall situation, not with others of the same level.

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