An introduction to the experience of cigarette management at the end of the year

one to the spring festival such a traditional holiday, once again ushered in the consumer frenzy, the cigarette market is hot business. After all, December is the annual tobacco companies supply to the most intense month, the best-selling cigarette store inventory and basic parking, cigarette is usually slow under the cabinet of the cigarette, here there is a problem, how to do business in selling cigarette smoke less "unsalable smoke" in the case? I used to share three little more than three "a few little experience with you.

more than and 3:

let "unsalable OTC smoke". I was on the cigarette inventory, which sells natural cigarette which is not good because of this popular pin have less smoke just to smoke inventory to provide a recommendation to cabinet under the opportunity, I will use this opportunity to display the maximum area of the smoke, in order to increase consumer eyeball attractive promotion cabinet.

to carry out independent promotions. As a high-quality customer self promotion is my usual a cigarette sales strategy, I will use this opportunity to give full play to the function of independent promotions, such as "Hongta mountain (legend)" I will arrange a promotion for its small environment, such as the smoke displayed in a prominent position in the back cabinet, and other props to make personalized display. In a sign placed next to the promotion information, and with the promotional items, allowing consumers to purchase cigarettes to produce visual impact, and I will use the hard red soft opportunities to promote the active stock Honglang the consumer groups, under the counter effect of natural good.

more interactive online. Enhance customer relationships through interaction, consumers can always understand my new trends in cigarettes. Especially in the WeChat active today, I through ordinary consumer information collection and accumulation, development of more than and 300 friends, especially the usual new consumers to shop I will pay attention to his WeChat, trying to add. I’ll take a cigarette at this time have attached a picture of self-made warm text is sent to the circle of friends to interact with them, as I will take "Septwolves (elegance)", with "have you all the way — the long road of life, light elegance, taste pure and elegant, warm the small precipitation years and let the consumer understand the smoke, improve the visibility of the smoke.

three less:

less inventory of more smoke. Because I usually clear sales of various specifications of cigarettes, so I will not blindly buy cigarettes, especially at this time I will according to the stock of cigarette or cigarette with low profit level, as little as possible or not to enter into, for faster stockpiles of cigarettes, at the same time some more money for January a lot ready to purchase cigarettes.

let the best-selling cigarette specifications listed. At the end of the year, less selling cigarettes, I will try to display space to the next cabinet slower smoke. General old customers want to buy what the smoke has been used to, he came to the shop directly open what kind of smoke to a package, he >

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