‘Bartica Regatta ‘one of the biggest ever’ – Mayor

first_imgThere has been a “vast increase” in persons visiting this year’s Easter Regatta in Bartica, Mayor Gifford Marshall has said.The annual event took place over the Easter weekend. The mayor said this year’s Regatta is a step in the right direction towards growing Bartica’s tourism potential.“What we see happening this year is a demonstration of us coming together and working for one purpose; and that is: for a successful 2018 Regatta,” the mayor said.Dave Scott, RacerThousands of Barticians and visitors alike witnessed the powerboat races — feature events of the Regatta — on Sunday and Monday. The annual Miss Bartica Regatta and Road Jam, which were held on Saturday, were also main attractions over the weekend.Overseas-based Guyanese Headley Woodley and his family returned home to enjoy this year’s Regatta. “So far…my first experience. I love it!” he said, adding that he is willing to return.Powerboat Racer Dave Scott performed superbly in the races, taking the checkered flag twice on Sunday. He noted that the Regatta has something for everyone.Scores gathered at Golden Avenue Beach to take in the Regatta festivities“You could get fun with the boat, you could get fun with the jet-ski, you could swim, you could just come and lime. There’s a lot of things you can do,” Scott said. Visitors and residents alike took advantage of the variety of activities.There were those who were engrossed in the races, while others were out with families, flying kites and soaking in the sand and sun on the newly constructed boardwalk along Third Avenue Beach. Others were enjoying the entertainment under the pavilion.President Granger officially commissioned the boardwalk on Sunday. The Golden Beach Development Project cost some $40 million, and Mayor Marshall said the project will be expanded in the coming year.“Our aim is to ensure that, over the next two/three/four/five years, the next time patrons come visit the Bartica Regatta, it must have something different,” he said.Among those enjoying all that the Regatta had to offer was Bhaskar Sharma. The publisher and journalist from Canada was a first-timer to the Regatta. “It’s amazing, it’s a sight. I believe that this thing should be promoted in the diaspora,” he said.Team Manager of the Regatta Committee, Holbert Knights, said his team has successfully hosted “tremendous activities” leading up to the Easter weekend features.“We’ve had sports; our football had a record crowd; we had a top model segment at Aruwai [Resort] that was really good, too. We have a very, very strong team,” Knights boasted.Region Seven Chairman Gordon Bradford has commended the Bartica Business Development Association for successfully staging this year’s Regatta.“Regatta is a national event now, and we hope that with the Bartica Business Development Association, they can make it into a true international event,” Bradford said.last_img

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