Hunan Yazi stepped in Beijing to sell Rice noodles hit points

held this year NPC and CPPCC, innovation and entrepreneurship is the key work for innovation and entrepreneurship pioneer, is a natural need for more praise, Hunan Yazi Zhang Tianyi as a generation of successful entrepreneurs, get a lot of attention.

character name card

2014 founded Niu Niu Tang, the main Hunan Changde beef noodle

currently opened 7 store in Beijing, business valuation of billions of dollars


why think of selling Rice noodles? The most direct reason is that as a person living in Beijing, Hunan, can not eat authentic rice too uncomfortable. In fact, I have always liked to cook, usually do at home to eat powder." Zhang said, his first thought is actually very simple, just want to master before graduation in a "gambling", in April 2014, he drew a few partners began to fiddle shop.

"said it would also like to thank the Changsha evening news, the earliest reported my media is Changsha evening news (see the April 14, 2014 Changsha Evening News" Peking University graduate students busy selling beef powder   master MBA partner "). Do you recommend

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