Entrepreneurs must not ignore the 3 W problem

entrepreneurs should own every step of the development has a clear goal setting, there are so many entrepreneurs are often in the process, began to forget the most basic principles need to adhere to, could not have been very good grasp 3 W problem, so the investment prospects are very limited.

today chat thing not start-up. Perhaps even more after the start-up entrepreneurs should think about things. I encourage entrepreneurs to learn a little about the origins of society. This is very helpful to think about the management of the company. At the beginning of social origin, there is no division of labor. You eat and sleep alone to play doudou. Later, we found that, alas, I go, the higher the efficiency of division of labor, it is easier to raise the living, we can break through 18 years of life. Well, you hunt me for weaving. After the division of the society will produce transactions, resulting in the currency >

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