The scoop on the worst first date ever.

first_img Share 50 Views   no discussions LifestyleRelationships The scoop on the worst first date ever. by: – August 25, 2011 Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img Share Tweet Image via FirstDateHell.comIn what now feels like it was another life, I treated the search for a significant other like a second job. Therefore, as you can imagine, I kissed a LOT of frogs. I dated even more. And nine times out of ten, the frogs were nothing short of frightening. I lamented to my girlfriends over happy hour and Facebook, but I often had the urge to shame some of the real schmucks on a much bigger scale. That’s why I really wish First Date Hell existed then! I’m talking about the new U.K.-based website and accompanying Twitter account — started by a writer named Rhodri Marsden — which has made it its mission to allow horrified daters to publicly shame and humiliate their “crap first dates” in 140 characters. Ha!! Think, but just first dates. Amazing!More from The Stir: Are These Celeb Guys Hotter With a Buzz Cut?Obviously, there are more than just a handful of people who feel as I did when I was single and hating the hunt. There were 2,000 followers of @FirstDateHell this morning, and now, there are over 4,500!Check out some of the brilliant, hilarious, cringe-worthy tweets that have already run on the site:@Kristainchicago tweeted:First date. asked my age. Me: “32, why?” Him: “Well, I really want kids and at 32, your ovaries are dying.”(OH. MY. God.)@The_Moviegoer tweeted:Guy came to get me in his new Porsche. Before I got in, he put a towel on my seat because “girls can sometimes be sweaty down there.”[email protected] tweeted:Told him I liked reading, he said he wanted to burn all libraries and then talked about football for hours. I hid in the loo.OMG, I would have, too! Wait, I mean, I should have! I am still smacking myself on the forehead for NOT just upping and leaving when I was on dates like, er, well, all of the above. But now, at least, thanks to @FirstDateHell, I know I wasn’t alone!More from The Stir: 20 Hilarious Sex Quotes From Our Favorite ComediesMarsden is brillz for letting people share their horror stories like this, not only because it has got to be SUCH sweet revenge to tell the entire Internet what a d-bag your date was, but also because daters could use all the support they can get. The single life is cruel, cold, and scary. At least now, there’s this virtual “support group,” so to speak!What do you think about @FirstDateHell? What was your worst first date like?by The_Stirlast_img

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