Entrepreneurial ideas recover the original simplicity

although more and more people go out to work, but not drought, the farmers are still hard to hold the post, plus traditional education, every family always have cultivated fields. The farmer is a provide agricultural goods is not concerned with unlimited opportunities but good ideas?

agricultural materials referred to as agricultural, generally refers to the process of agricultural production to change and influence of labor object material and material conditions, such as agricultural production and transport machinery, processing machinery, pesticides, seeds, fertilizer, plastic film and so on.

land than agricultural goods, but agricultural labor objects (people in the process of agricultural production will be imposed on the object of labor), compared with the agricultural materials, it has a limited number of fixed position and function can not be replaced, fertility can be regenerated etc..

agricultural materials used in agricultural production, we must adopt advanced agricultural technology, in order to make it play a bigger role. As the scientific use of chemical fertilizers and pest control, the use of modern technology to exert a field, the establishment of scientific farming system etc..

in the more populous village or town location, rent a street stores, offering an agricultural store, selling seeds, pesticides and other means of production. Investment about ten thousand yuan or so, due to the production of goods is a necessary commodity farmers, the use of a large number, is a good investment projects. If their own money is not enough, consider the provincial capital and county or large stores associates to get monopoly profits.

Is the indispensable items of


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