How to invest in scallop King seafood barbecue

in a large number of seafood products, scallops have been seafood lovers like a seafood product. Of course Scallop in Shell why so popular is not without reason, Scallop in Shell delicious taste, rich nutrition, with sea cucumber, abalone, tied for the three treasures in seafood. Roast Scallop in Shell meat delicate and smooth, but rather part of the adductor bite, add garlic, vermicelli, oil and other ingredients, baked after fusion with Scallop in Shell itself alone, how a fresh zile.

Wang is not Scallop in Shell seafood hotel, it is a roast, baked oysters Scallop in Shell and other features of the store, because of good taste in the south, has formed a certain scale, where the people are not quite understand. But the boss is very diligent, will do business, the price is not high, also launched a series of packages, packages and package more favorable point, reasonable collocation, no chaos selling shop suspected, completely rely on the taste to attract customers, a twenty hundred, shop soon in the village, it has a lot of fans. So how about joining the sea king seafood barbecue?

investment in the sea king Wang seafood barbecue?

join the advantages of the following aspects:

: after the first baking delicious stew, focus on the secret sauce, fish flavor, taste and thought;

two: dozens of flavors of the fish, dry pot, cold Lucai, nearly 100 products; Wang Scallop in Shell seafood barbecue joins how much money

three easy to learn: the whole standardized operation, to take the whole store output mode, a study will be;

four good management: the headquarters of the whole service, assist management, easy to copy successful shop;

five: small investment shops can be big or small, without the luxury decoration, the food stalls can be operated;

six quick profit: small investment, good tasty and good tube, fish stores, which are not earning money;

seven easy location: Food City, schools, residential areas, commercial street, where you can open; scallops King seafood barbecue to join how much money

eight easy to operate: no chef, no experience, you can learn in 7 days, the package will package.

above is the introduction of small series, I believe that through the introduction of small series, should be very clear for this brand, this is a very good seafood barbecue join the brand!

if you are interested in this brand, please leave a message below our website, we will arrange staff to contact you when you see the message.


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