65 year old grandmother and grandson Taobao sell potted plant

65 years of age, what does it mean for you? Many people might think that once you get to this age is probably waiting for children to support, is the age. However, there are some old people, because of interest, even if age, can also be used for business, but also can cause will be done fast.

65 year old grandma Wang retired at home, love growing flowers, the family raises a lot of pot. But the pot a bit more, occupy the space in the home, let Wang grandma very distressed, but each pot is Wang’s heart treasure, Wang grandma won’t lose, so Wang grandmother decided to make the pot a child sent home a few pots. Grandma Wang’s grandson to move the pot, and found that the home of the pot is a pot of more and more prosperous, I found that the business opportunities.

partnership with grandson to open Taobao, granny’s business by

Grandma Wang’s grandson found that there are many potted grandmother home, opened up the idea of selling a potted plant Taobao shop. He consulted with his grandmother, and after a dispute with her grandmother, decided to split into two partnership, he is responsible for the operation, the grandmother is responsible for the supply, is the cultivation of potted plants in.

after some operation, the official opening of the shop. The shop opens up, Wang grandmother grandson to prepare a series of new product promotion, many promotional content very exaggeration. Grandma Wang saw, very unhappy, she told her grandson: "we sell is ordinary flowers, what magic, although the grandmother never done business, but also know that doing business is about the integrity of management, you can not. If you don’t correct, grandma would rather not be with you." In desperation, Wang grandmother grandson had to completely deny these promotional programs.

potted flowers

small business management well, also can harvest

Wang grandma though never done business, but more than and 60 years of life experience that she has a lot of life creed, from time to time in grandma’s advice, Wang grandma didn’t take too many detours. Their business is business with a small capital, but also thriving, and has a certain reputation and praise in the Taobao store, many people buy some potted plants for the family, but also very willing to choose a good reputation in Wang Nainai’s store.

is precisely because of the pursuit of a quality of service, coupled with the constant recognition of consumers, so that Wang’s grandmother Taobao store business is getting better and better. Today, Wang grandma has is known for the elderly Master own area near Taobao, in the open shop, Wang grandmother learned some computer technology, usually not convenient to buy goods will buy in the Taobao online, she.

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