Zhengzhou Shu nine incense pot

modernization process, which also makes the food and beverage industry trend of unprecedented development, of course, as a hot pot to join the industry in the hot pot. We have always been more optimistic about investment projects, of course, the premise of the market is to have a brand awareness. In nine Hot pot by escalating its fragrance, out of a road of independent innovation, to help investors to win such a very broad catering market, operating nine stores Shu Xiang Hot pot, certainly will be very hot.

Zhengzhou Shu nine hot pot? Look at the following specific introduction

Shu nine incense, a mellow soup, a rich aroma, since that day, with self-contained, strong taste Hot pot swept Chengdu market; Shu nine incense, noble, dignified and elegant, antique shop, style, Ming and Qing Dynasties woodcarving is dripping, with a sense of lighting, simple and decay. The reality but not floating; meticulous, considerate and thoughtful service, let you in for tea, a Hot pot at the same time, more taste is Sichuan style thick.


world affairs will do in detail, will do in the world is difficult, and the nine Shu incense, has reached from complex to simple and easy, of the highest level; people often say," Shudao difficult, almost inaccessible, "Shu nine incense, are thousands of hammer and belier, will the same taste, came from the bottom of the Hot pot fragrant material in spread to Sichuan, China big.

Shu nine incense is a combination of modern urban people Hot pot diversified needs, launched a series of new health food, the Shu nine incense whole brand Hot pot tends to be a modern, large-scale, international production mode, to provide all the people out of the ordinary green food products, help us to win such a very broad catering market.

Zhengzhou Sichuan nine incense Hot pot is located at two South Road intersection in Dongming of Zhengzhou City Road and latitude West 10 meters, store decoration, ancient and elegant atmosphere, imitation red lanterns, Ruyi knot, filled with a thick atmosphere of classical. Main Chongqing earthen pot hot pot, butter all the hot pot, smell the flow of saliva. Fresh dishes, the amount of foot. Goose intestine, pig, duck tongue, yellow duck, Chang fish, wanted to let customers see crisp meat into the belly.

the above is the Zhengzhou Sichuan nine incense Hot pot brief, if you’re interested in joining the brand to join, please see our website in the comments below, the message will have dedicated staff to contact you, can you recommend more than Hot pot to join the brand for your reference.

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