Note that four items of clothing

now, clothing market, has been a very hot market. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the garment industry, is a very wise choice. So, the choice of business should pay attention to the four items of clothing to join?

franchise number

franchisees and retailers generally there is a single point of business, goods can only be sold in a shop, cabinet, exchange a limited number of display location, can not be returned back to the Brand Company of unmarketable goods only in the shop, cabinet digestion. Chain bypass operations than a single point of operational flexibility, flow rate of the product is usually controlled by the Corporation, the franchisee can apply to open branches in the headquarters license area of operations, it is recommended to determine the first shop, cabinet as the main point of sale, the selection of the second shop, cabinet as inventory sales channels, known to the store that is, special processing inventory.

apparel commodity strategy

usually brand clothing line style is relatively fixed, the delivery time is arranged, the franchisee to strive for the best price to sell goods to the most suitable consumers, get the highest profit. This is to deal with information management, commodity management, cargo management and promotion management. Information management refers to the franchisee through the headquarters of the retail management system to store, cabinet data in the specified time to the headquarters. The headquarters of retention data for the franchisee to analyze how to improve in the next order, and regular way back to the stores of VIP customer integration, timeliness, activities rebate. Franchisees can also monitor inventory based on sales data.

personnel management

join the city that men’s shopping guide requirements in the image of the high temperament. Women’s brand shopping guide requirements are relatively high. In terms of vitality and appeal, the demand for leisure sports brand shopping guide is relatively high. While the daily, monthly, annual job duties listed in written form a complete list of the work, to provide business manager and Purchasing Guide as the standard. Daily work includes shop, clean, commodity management, sales statistics, replenishment, closed shop, and monthly work includes performance statistics, merchandise inventory, distribution scheduling. The annual work includes seasonal stock, display and change the decor, discount promotions, training.

franchisee support

franchisee support including training, promotional materials, business gifts, terminal market sales strategy, the order of the shelf to provide, the system returns the proportion of bonus commission percentage of task delivery volume, the proportion of advertising support, exclusive agency, and Mengcheng suggested that entrepreneurs strive for favorable conditions in most before the contract, and the preferential conditions written in the contract, and pay attention to the legitimacy of the identification of the terms of the contract, the majority of the oral agreement, finally will look very pale, this is for their own.

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