Nanjing primary school Chinese roll placement parents questioned the teacher suspected rumor

recently exposed in Nanjing, Qinhuai District, there is a primary school on the end of the volume of the placement of advertising, parents questioned the education sector. Then the local primary school teacher denied that online exposure test is not in the sample exams in.

2016 in January 19th, Nanjing District of Qinhuai in the final exam ended, allegedly a Qinhuai District primary school language examination volume circulated in the circle of friends. This paper reading questions, around a certain brand of shower gel material, set up 5 multiple-choice questions, the total score of sufficient points of 10 points. Parents do not calm, and said the placement of advertising is too arrogant, even the children do not let go.

is the fifth grade daughter Mr. Lei said, before the Chinese reading is a famous man, side edge examination edify sentiment, now even advertising to questions, "the pace of implantation hard, even children are spared."

however, modern express reporter noted that the net transfer papers only one page, no signs of any test name, source, also did not say clearly is the primary school grade examination papers.

rumor: no Chinese Department of education examination, there is no such problem in the


The center of teacher development in Qinhuai District of

"single from this problem, as the ads, but also want to too much." The teacher said, the language is not just to read and write, in recent years to advocate between Chinese and life, to guide students to learn Chinese knowledge in real life is recommended

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