Short video business opportunities to fly to heaven is not easy

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now on the Internet, is a short video of entrepreneurial opportunity is coming, a short video venture is a very good breakthrough, but want to soaring day but not easy.

content is not a new industry, it is a mobile Internet enabled industry. Whether it is the Internet or mobile Internet, the basic business model is: get the user, time, content and connection service four steps.

PC Internet is not content consumption, but can not rely on content to make money, there is no industrialization. The mobile Internet era, content production is more and more low threshold, consumer demand and realization mode is very diverse, the formation of industry and growing prosperity, in 2015 it was pointed out that the content of entrepreneurship to the golden age.

why video business can be a fire?

relative to the text, read the video for lower cost, fragmented consumer scene, not afraid of being interrupted. The video is more intuitive, more abundant information, easier to implement, funny, touching many sensational effects, these are inherent advantages of video, video content will start now why fire?

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