User experience and original more than 250 non original easily bring high quality stable ranking

2010 March, there is no Internet experience for me, with the help of friends, build my first website: "to" the beauty of eyebrow. The theme is to study how to pick up girls.

was built on this site is almost no purpose, is the hand, do not know what the Shanghai dragon, that copy a few articles can attract people, there is a flow; then will I love Shanghai should automatically site up at the front; then even the words, do not understand what is described. In consecutive months did not flow under the pressure, I began to search for information on the Internet to explore website operation method, slowly to reach Shanghai Longfeng metaphysics. Slowly began to optimize their site. The constant revision, continue to be right down, it will be this site as the experimental field of their own, if there is a new idea, always take the site to do the experiment. So far, the site has been nearly two years, peak, reached 2500ip. Now it is set to 500IP. read more

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Want the website please stand head and shoulders above others to improve the website design began

: the first unique website color, prominent feature of the web site

second: simple website layout, so that users can easily browse

believe that every webmaster want to site to site from the rival stand head and shoulders above others, talent shows itself, if you really want to do, then you should consider starting from the website design, I said through the following suggestions to improve the website design, I believe that you can stand head and shoulders above others.


before writing this article, the author also engaged in two years of site construction work, found that most of the webmaster asked the author to use light blue as the main colors to the website, the proportion is almost 80%. But I often find they blindly follow the trend, choose light blue website ranking is not ideal, and even with the flow, the conversion rate is very low, which is why they repeat the tone let users have a great plan. Indeed, the light blue is a more elegant, suitable for general website color, but also with some unique color station, it is not a bad thing, just like our Sina website, the website yellow as the main colors, resulting in a difference with other news websites: read more

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Keywords enterprise website promotion strategy


didn’t write a few years, speaking also busy making excuses, how busy can always squeeze a little time, so today specifically to squeeze a little time, many of my friends asked me how to optimize the enterprise website is reasonable, from what aspects of optimization, many of my friends are very confused. I have other… Can I tell you frankly also once vacant. In fact, the first need to key need to position their direction. I found the most basic most at the website where there is a very big problem, not to mention the ranking, of course some good ranking is not necessarily well optimized, at present most of the domestic enterprise website there is a big problem, because some may do a little better ranking is very good, or do stand a long time and other advantages hand. Most enterprise website content is not updated, the most basic things, there are some problems, such as the Title Active does not contain the keyword. Don’t say so big range. read more

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Links love Shanghai snapshot of the problem

of course, this is just a personal idea, master let go, and we also hope that the discussion of QQ:1587646432, finally, the ownership of Copyright: Guangzhou infertility.

medical station recently has become more and more difficult, many believe that snapshot than normal medical website snapshot has been delayed, which so many owners worry about them, in order to solve this problem, we are on the original update website content, on the other hand to do the chain attract spider crawling, and a way to exchange friendship the link is outside the chain but, in exchange Links process, I believe that most owners would touch each other for snapshot or within three days of issue. read more

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Liu from the rain Shanghai dragon forum is included at the role of the chain

rain Shanghai dragon forum is k, I always think: hz67贵族宝贝 will return again, because the exchange Links and rain a lot of sites, and no rain removed a chain, and Baidu guide贵族宝贝 of the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon ranking in less than 2 months time soaring beloved Shanghai home. Is still rely on the reverse chain, according to the Robin website, there are more than 300 sites of reverse link Baidu guide贵族宝贝 Robin Shanghai Longfeng rapid promotion, website ranking shows that a strong chain is the keyword can quickly build a website ranking, which makes me more confident of rain rain as long as the forum site, continue to do so, love Shanghai will eventually re included. read more

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Not what the essence of Chengdu teahouse good local service APP

job experience, most enterprises only pursue strong executive level of the people (can not say that I cannot accept some talent), I dare not to brag about how valuable, but I think I am thinking of the Internet, mobile Internet thinking and learning ability is relatively better. Hey ~ but ah, the orthodox thinking said step by step dry up HR I really don’t have anything to say, of course, this is each enterprise have some ideas, very normal, who the money people stupid, okay for a green hook ran a management job? read more

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Love the latest Shanghai station strategy algorithm

3. Amoy link. After careful observation is not difficult to find the most updated k guest site is the basic page code contains a large number of guest site code. The page contains many guest links will make the spider antipathy, even think that just for the pure "advertisement" guest promotion site, no real value for your visitors, so will the site into the sand box or K light. Therefore, with a large number of guest link site should as far as possible through short URL procedures or other ways will be the guest site conversion to other links, to improve the site. read more

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How to select the keyword optimization process

search keyword is, here is mainly to prepare for the calculation of selected target keywords and keyword performance behind. At the same time, do the analysis of competitors in this step can be. The same can be shown in the form of a list. We can search through the search engine, the number of search keywords are obtained, and then select the ranking in the top ten, the PR value, the number of the chain, the keyword density to the competitor analysis. Various keyword tools can be used here to provide online statistics. read more

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How to exchange Links and skills of others

three, see the website content depends on the speed of the site visit

chain suddenly rise and fall for the pros and cons of website promotion we all know. But for many webmaster exchange Links when the chain this factor is not how to care. Even sometimes even if your website is not outside the chain, if included in the new snapshot. I think it is holding its own website to do the experiment, because the chain no matter more or less, there is a big absolute relationship with the rank of the website. While the chain website is not low, when you see so many outside the chain number, will judge the site First impressions are strongest quickly get good rankings high weight, while ignoring the chain to see each other website to increase speed, if each other the chain is not stable, two days before the 300. Today is 1000, but a few days can be 3 thousand words, you can not guarantee such a fluctuation is down right or be K off? So, exchange Links should pay more attention to the other site outside the chain increased, after all, be careful not to what a bad thing. read more

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Love Shanghai once again launched a plan to protect the original search results page of the original

so, in addition to the original, there is more need to pay attention to the details, such as the site of professional, open the speed, the quality of user feedback, and so on, we should think about it, what is the source of love Shanghai protect the original purpose? Chase is the time to make the users search for certain words to get fresh content for is to improve user experience, so it is absolutely impossible, because you are fresh contents, give up the real needs of users.

original article is not a website. The original search just a small factor ranking, he can’t decide the overall situation, even if the original plan to start, can ensure a copy of your article ranking no more than you, but does not guarantee that the search for a keyword, your ranking in front, because tens of thousands of a keywords the corresponding results, your article is just one of them. read more

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