Ralph McQuarrie the man behind Darth Vaders iconic image dies at 82

first_imgIt was a sad weekend for sci-fi enthusiasts. Ralph McQuarrie, the legendary concept artist behind Darth Vader, passed away Saturday, March 3th. He was 82 years old. McQuarrie was most well-known for designing the art for the original Star Wars Trilogy, Battlestar Galactica 1978 television show, Back to the Future, Star Trek, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and a number of other sci-fi classics. McQuarrie was the first person George Lucas hired to help create his vision for the Star Wars universe (when the movie was still titled the Adventures of Luke Starkiller), after having worked with McQuarrie on Lucas’ lesser-known feature film THX-1138. The director reminisced about McQuarrie’s contributions to the movie, explaining Ralph’s illustrations conveyed his ideas perfectly and were regularly better than words.He was responsible for creating the paintings of C-3PO, which you can see from the image below shows some influences from Metropolis, light sabers, and even the Death Star. These pre-production images were a crucial element in getting 20th Century Fox to back Star Wars—to show that the project was something more than “trashy science fiction.” It makes you wonder if the Adventures of Luke Starkiller stood a chance without him? It’s amazing to think that one man created some of the most iconic images that ignited my generation’s imagination, images that continue to define our visions of the future, as well as the future of sci-fi cinema. He will be missed. via Torlast_img read more

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