Registration requirement cut from signaturegathering bill

first_imgScore one for anti-tax initiative king Tim Eyman, who had key provisions of a bill struck before it passed out of a Senate committee.Signature-gatherers circulating petitions to put initiatives and referenda on the ballot would not have to register with the Secretary of State’s office under a bill passed Friday by the Senate Ways and Means Committee. Paid signature-gatherers would still have to fill out their names and addresses on the front of each signature sheet, however, and sign an oath swearing that those who signed the petition did so knowingly and without any compensation. Volunteer signature-gatherers would simply check a box affirming the oath. Eyman said Monday that he is still strongly opposed to even this version of the bill, however.“Would you rather be shot and maimed or shot and killed?” he asked. “You’re still publicly exposing these people. It’s a big step from putting your name down to putting down your address.”Eyman, who makes his living sponsoring voter initiatives, accused Democrats and their union supporters of pushing the bill as a way to silence citizens who use the initiative process to curb state spending.last_img read more

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