Wii U to launch May 2012 Sega thinks so

first_imgNintendo has made the Wii U official with the unveiling and teaser details being announced during E3 last week. We don’t yet know when the console launches other than a 2012 timeframe, but Sega may have just given us a very big clue.Alan Pritchard, Sega’s exectuive vice president of marketing, gave an interview with GameSpot during which he mentioned a timeframe for the Wii U’s launch twice.AdChoices广告Sega has Sonic Generations releasing this November on PS3/360/3DS, but GameSpot asked Pritchard if the game would be coming to Wii U. His response is very telling for someone who must know when to expect the Wii U. He said the timing didn’t work for that game because “Wii U is coming out next spring/summer.”He goes further by stating that releasing Generations “on a platform six or eight months after we release PS3” isn’t something Sega want to do.So, if Pritchard isn’t guessing, which as exectuive VP of marketing at Sega we don’t think he is, we have a definitive timeframe of May-July for the Wii U release. That’s much sooner than the expected Holidays 2012 we had heard banded about before E3.Read more at GameSpot, via CVGMatthew’s OpinionReleasing before we get to the main holiday season next year makes a lot of sense. The Wii U is clearly a machine Nintendo wants the family sat around again, so it needs to have stock levels up well before we reach Christmas as it is going to be a must-have gadget if they get the marketing and games right.If the PS4 or next Xbox was arriving, I think Sony and Microsoft could get away with releasing in September/October as the hardcore gaming crowd would soon empty the shelves at the high launch price. For Nintendo, it’s different. The price can’t be too high because it’s a family games machine parents will likely be buying.last_img read more

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