This is what PS Vita game cards and cases look like

first_imgThe Tokyo Game Show is already producing a lot of information relating to the forthcoming PS Vita. We know it’s going to launch on December 17 in Japan with around 28 games available before the end of the year. We’re also starting to see gameplay footage of some of those games (videos below).What we haven’t really seen much until now is what the PS Vita physical game cards (NVG cards) and game cases look like. That all changed yesterday when a bunch of those games got mounted in a display case for all attendees to see, and Joystiq was kind enough to take some photos.As you can see, Sony has adopted a card format similar to what we’ve been using for years in the Nintendo DS and now the 3DS. It makes a very welcome change to the slow, battery-draining UMD format. It also makes it a lot easier to carry around a bunch of games on your travels.The cases look to be squashed DVD/Blu-ray cases just like the PS3 uses. I doubt they will be exactly the same as PS3 cases as Sony will want to differentiate between the two on store shelves beyond just the format name at the top of the case.As promised, here’s some of the latest Tokyo Game Show footage from PS Vita games in development and available on or soon after launch. This certainly looks like a next-gen portable device to me, and I’m a lot more excited about getting my hands on a PS Vita than I was about the 3DS if I’m being honest. More at Joystiqlast_img read more

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