ASA and PHC Announce Results of NHibit® Seed Treatment Satisfaction Guarantee program

first_imgThe American Soybean Association (ASA) and Plant Health Care, Inc. (PHC) today announced that the 2008 growing season “N-Hibit® Seed Treatment Satisfaction Guarantee” program was an unqualified success.”ASA partnered with PHC on the project because part of our mission is to help identify new ways for ASA members to maximize soybean yield and profitability,” said ASA President John Hoffman, a soybean producer from Waterloo, Iowa. “N-Hibit’s ability to reduce SCN damage and boost overall plant health is consistent with that mission, so ASA worked with PHC to make our members aware of the Satisfaction Guarantee program.””Once again, results with N-Hibit Seed Treatment have been positive,” said Rick Rice, PHC Director of U.S. Sales and Marketing. Data in 2006 and 2007 showed an average yield gain of 7.2 percent, or 2.9 bu/acre, with N-Hibit Gold CST over the untreated control. Results in 2008 were even better, as replicated trial data from 17 sites, ranging from Ohio to Nebraska, revealed a soybean yield increase of 3.4 bushels per acre over the untreated control, with N-Hibit-treated yields averaging 62.0 bushels/acre compared to the untreated control average of 58.6 bushels/acre. The combined effect of nematode reduction and enhanced plant growth are the primary factors associated with these results.Rice further stated, “We wanted growers to share our confidence, and the Satisfaction Guarantee program assured them of a full refund of the purchase price paid for N-Hibit if they weren’t fully satisfied with its performance on treated acreage. That confidence paid off, as less than 3 percent of the acreage treated with N-Hibit resulted in requests for refunds. And because the few farmers who were less than satisfied with their results received a full refund, they’ve all agreed to use N-Hibit again in the future. With a better than 97 percent success rate and the relationships we’ve developed with the farmers who didn’t experience a yield gain, we couldn’t be more pleased.”The active ingredient in N-Hibit is harpin protein, which stimulates the same plant growth response that occurs when a plant experiences stress. The induced response results in a healthier plant and a reduction in the number of nematodes that host on the roots. Harpin proteins do not enter the plant. They bind with the plant’s external harpin protein receptors, which are present on both seed and foliage. After the proteins initiate the plant’s natural self defense and growth systems, they harmlessly disintegrate. For more information about PHC, please visit read more

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