64GB iPhone 4 fact or fiction

first_imgThe other day micgadget managed to get their hands on what they believe is an engineered prototype for an iPhone 4 with 64GB of on-board storage.Proof of course is in the pudding, but as you can see from the image, the back of the phone is clearly marked with the letters XXGB and interestingly further investigation revealed that it had the same model number, FFC ID and BCG codes as the one that Gizmodo bought back in 2010. Although as most people will remember this was deemed to have been stolen, resulting in Gizmodo’s Jason Chen’s home getting raided by the police in an attempt to get the phone back.AdChoices广告Further proof that the phone was running with a larger capacity was discovered when micgadget headed into the phone’s About option. As the picture clearly shows it is an iPhone 4 running with 64GB and iOS 4.1.The owner of said prototype (who remains anonymous) has several of these in his possession and believes that the next iPhone will be a slight update to the iPhone 4, but with the larger capacity.However, Macrumors decided to check out the story for themselves and they believe the phone is actually a pre-production model and nothing more. They explain that the XXGB markings back this theory up because on any iPhone 4 sold today, the markings are not there.Macrumors go on to mention that the screws used in the current model are also different and iOS 4.1 is outdated, plus if it was indeed a prototype it would be running with iOS 4.3.Read more at micgadgetBrett’s OpinionIts hard to deny that the phone clearly shows 64GB installed, but I have to agree with Macrumors that the older iOS 4.1 is a clear indication that the phone is a pre-production model. Apple would more likely have this capacity as a selling feature for the iPhone 5, rather than inject more revenue into a phone that they are likely to replace later this year.last_img read more

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