Real Estate Trends With Duke Warner Realty 2015 is Starting off Strong

first_imgReal Estate Trends With Duke Warner Realty: 2015 is Starting off Strong $225,100 – $325,00015648517899%2.0 $125,000 – $225,0002621341499%1.9 $625,100+8194897%10.1 By CBN Pinterest $625,100+7626181298%6.3 Share. Tumblr $425,100 – $525,00058141314100%4.1 $225,100 – $325,00015465604699%3.3 Twitter These statistics are for Bend, OR residential properties on <1 acreAt first glance active listings and sold listings were lower in January. Does this mean our market has dipped? Not at all. There are many indicators to weigh when looking at the real estate market.While on the surface most look at how many listings are actively on the market and how many listings sold to judge a market’s health, attention must be brought to the number of new listings and the number of pending listings. In just a month’s time January had 164 new listings compared to 112 in December. An interesting point is that while the core of the market (the $225,100-$425,000 range) saw an increase in new listings, the higher range of $625,100+ saw a marked increase from 9 in December to 26 in January.The same trend can be seen in pending listing as well. The core segment saw an increase in pending listings from 72 in December to 101 in January. And the $625,100+ range more than quadrupled from 4 in December to 18 in January.These two statistics indicate a market that continues to move through the transaction lifecycle from new on the market to selling. January saw more significant movement across more price ranges. This activity keeps the market dynamic.Paired with the fact that on average the listings on the market are selling at an average of 99% of sale price to list price, pricing continues to attract buyers to make offers.If there was a cautionary statistic it would be that the months of inventory did lower in January. 3.9 months of inventory is under the more balanced market target of approximately 6 months. It should be noted that the $225,100-$425,000 range did see an increase in this area. This segment moved closer to that 6-month mark. A large part of the reduction was in the higher price range of listings. This means that the higher range will be a bit more competitive on availability, but this range does not represent the majority of transactions.With a January looking this good, 2015 is off to a great start. $325,100 – $425,00010125412798%3.7 $125,000 – $225,0002319192399%1.0 $525,100 – $625,0004254898%5.3center_img December 2014Active ListingsNew ListingsPending ListingsSold ListingsAvg Sale Price/ List PriceMonths of Inventory $425,100 – $525,0005319191399%4.1 January 2015Active ListingsNew ListingsPending ListingsSold ListingsAvg Sale Price/ List PriceMonths of Inventory Facebook Totals/Averages44416417912099%3.9 $525,100 – $625,0003487898%4.3 Google+ LinkedIn $325,100 – $425,00010632213898%2.8 0 E-Headlines Totals/Averages46612711216999%4.2 on February 19, 2015 Emaillast_img read more

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