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LOL Well by now you know that Im not missing just a little under the weather Im sure I will be feeling good and back home in a couple of days" Simmons says in a statement Courtesy of Richard Simmons Simmons who has not been seen publicly since Feb 2014 made the decision to go to the hospital on Monday after having stomach problems his manager Michael Catalano told PEOPLE "This has reminded me that when you need help you cant be afraid to reach out and ask for it We all think we should always be able to solve our problems all by ourselves and sometimes its just bigger than we are" "I reached out and I hope you will too Im sure there are people in your life who love and care for you and would do anything to help you with the challenges you face Just knowing you care has already made me feel better Hope to see you again soon" A renewed interest in Simmons picked up in February with the release of the podcast Missing Richard Simmons But Catalano told PEOPLE at the time that the attention was unwarranted and Simmons was just fine "It was always about everybody else first and I think this is a little bit reflection time" Catalano says "He was ready to quiet down is what hes told me and it doesnt mean hes done but for now hes enjoying the time away from the public" This article originally appeared on Peoplecom Contact us at [email protected] millions of others Melony Hill took to social media last fall to say “me too” The 36-year-old Baltimore resident disclosed on Facebook and on her blog in October that she had experienced sexual violence But rather than receiving an outpouring of support Hill said she’s gotten messages saying that she deserved to be sexually assaulted because she has worked in the sex industry for 20 years “They dont want to include women like me” said Hill who has worked as a prostitute and a nude webcam model "Theyll say were just whores anyway ‘How can you sexually assault a whore I’ve had that said to me multiple times" Melony Hill Photo by Cayne Clarle Photography courtesy of Melony Hill Sex workers are particularly vulnerable to sexual violence on the job but have few good options to report it Sex workers of color and transgender sex workers are thought to be at even greater risk for experiencing violence according to the Sex Workers Outreach Project Several consensual sex workers spoke to TIME about how they feel they have been excluded from the public conversation around #MeToo and the nationwide reckoning on workplace harassment When advocates use the term “sex workers” they’re referring to people who choose to participate in a range of sex-based work including prostitutes escorts strippers pornography actors dominatrixes erotic massage therapists phone sex operators and nude webcam models among other jobs Consensual sex work is not to be confused with sex trafficking when people are forced into sex work by violence threats or other forms of coercion Some people who sell sexual services told TIME that they have posted their #MeToo stories anonymously to avoid potential legal repercussions Others said that they don’t want to speak out publicly because they anticipate they’ll be shamed or not believed because they aren’t “perfect victims” as professional dominatrix J Leigh Brantly puts it As Hill pointed out there’s also the damaging notion that sex workers can’t be sexually assaulted These consensual sex workers say the most public voices in the #MeToo movement could be doing more to support them noting that Oprah did not mention them in her acclaimed Golden Globes speech and that their particular issues haven’t been raised by the celebrities supporting the Time’s Up movement unlike the issues facing farmworkers restaurant workers and domestic workers (Representatives for Oprah and the Time’s Up movement did not respond to TIME’s requests for comment) "Not all women are being supported in the #MeToo movement" said Cris Sardina the director of sex workers’ rights organization Desiree Alliance and a sex worker "Its what type of woman" That’s frustrating to sex workers who say they have much to contribute to the national conversation around #MeToo and that they’re uniquely qualified to lead discussions about consent "Sex workers are experts at negotiating consent” said Brantly who identifies as genderqueer and uses the pronouns “zhe” and “they” “When you have a monetary transaction there have to be very clear boundaries about what is going to transpire because its an issue of money" Christa Daring who has worked in various aspects of the commercial sex industry for 10 years and serves as the president of the Sex Workers Outreach Project‘s board agrees "Society has taught me to be pliable and generally pleasing to men" said Daring who uses the pronouns “they” and “them” “and sex work has taught me to say what I want and get what I need" ‘That whole script is thrown out the window’ One issue clouding the conversation around sex work and #MeToo is a long-held fallacy that sex workers can’t be assaulted "Folks are usually totally aghast [at] the idea that a woman has somehow asked for it" said Kristina Dolgin a longtime sex worker and the founder and executive director of Red Light Legal an organization that aims to help sex workers access legal representation and services "But when it comes down to someone engaging in sex for payment that whole script is thrown out the window" During the 2016 presidential campaign adult entertainment actor Jessica Drake was one of several women to accuse Donald Trump of sexual misconduct Trump has denied all claims In an October 2016 interview Trump rejected Drake’s allegation saying: “She’s a porn star… Oh I’m sure she’s never been grabbed before” Kristina Dolgin (Courtesy of Kristina Dolgin) Dolgin said another concerning example of how sex workers have come up in #MeToo discourse is the suggestion that “men wouldn’t rape if they seek a sex worker to get it all out” Sex workers say they have often been marginalized by mainstream feminist movements Current and former sex workers including activist Janet Mock criticized the Women’s March organizers last year for erasing its statement of support for consensual sex workers’ rights from its national platform after it was initially released The statement was later added back and Mock spoke at the march in Washington “Women’s March has been very intentional over the past year about trying to rebuild trust with the sex worker community” a spokesperson for the Women’s March organization said in a statement to TIME “Sex workers rights are women’s rights plain and simple That’s part of our platform and it needs to be part of our movement” This year Sardina and other sex workers spoke at the Women’s March’s official anniversary event in Las Vegas and sex workers attended anniversary marches around the country ‘There’s no HR department in the strip club’ Prostitution whether it takes place on the street through an escort service or online is criminalized in most states in the US Other types of sex work including appearing in pornography and stripping are generally legal for adults People do sex work for a variety of reasons Some like Brantly feel that the work is genuinely empowering Others like Hill get into the industry for financial reasons Those factors are partly why the concept of consensual sex work is still controversial Some feminists including Gloria Steinem believe that prostitution is rarely a choice Steinem told TIME in an email: “I’ve listened to prostituted women and girls and a few men from Las Vegas to New York from India to Australia telling their personal stories of what made them risk body invasion by a stranger for money” Based on those conversations she believes most prostitutes aren’t acting entirely on their own volition When it comes to those who say they work in the sex industry by choice Steinem said “I just listen and try to figure out if some part of the women’s movement might be able to help with whatever she needs” There are no comprehensive up-to-date statistics on how many sex workers in the US have experienced sexual violence One systematic review of research found that globally sex workers have a 45% to 75% chance of experiencing experiencing sexual violence on the job A consent violation according to Brantly occurs any time a client goes outside the bounds of the agreement about what is about to transpire if a client touches a part of the body or attempts to engage in a sexual act that’s off-limits Sometimes clients become violent Or they may fail to pay for services J Leigh Brantly Photo by Vera Comploj courtesy of J Leigh Brantly "There’s no HR department in the strip club… You think we’re going to go to the cops Hell no” said Brantly who also works as an alternative sexuality advisor for advocacy group SOAR Institute “You have to out yourself and you lose your credibility now were not the perfect victim anymore” Sex workers also say theyre reluctant to report sexual violence to the police because they could be arrested for prostitution or assaulted A 2014 report submitted to the United Nations by three sex worker advocacy organizations documented a pattern of abuse by police towards sex workers that includes "assault sexual harassment public gender searches (police strip searches for the purpose of viewing genitalia) and rape" A 2016 Department of Justice report launched after the April 2015 police custody death of Freddie Gray found indications that the Baltimore Police Department disregarded reports of sexual assault from people in the sex industry and some officers targeted people in the sex industry “to coerce sexual favors from them in exchange for avoiding arrest or for cash or narcotics” (The Baltimore Police Department did not respond to TIME’s request for comment) “We don’t know how big the problem is” said Philip Stinson a former police officer and a criminologist at Bowling Green State University who runs the Police Crime Database which tracks state and local law enforcement arrests based on news reports “It’s very easy to discount this as just a few bad apples but I don’t think that’s the case… But I dont want to paint with such a broad brush that were talking about every cop and every police department” Earlier this month San Francisco announced a new policy barring sex workers who come forward to report experiencing or witnessing violence from being arrested which sex workers described as the first of its kind But consensual sex workers say that the burden is still on them to protect themselves Sex workers and advocates say that decriminalization of prostitution which they have long been advocating for is the best solution to address these issues Others like Steinem advocate for what’s known as “the Nordic model” which calls for criminalizing buying rather than selling sex services ‘Weve always had to watch our backs’ Just like “whisper networks” and the “Sh-tty Media Men” list sex workers have their own ways to warn each other about predatory men Sardina and Dolgin say sex workers circulate "bad date lists" and do background checks on clients St James Infirmary a health and safety clinic for sex workers in San Francisco has a "Bad Date" app where sex workers can anonymously log and look up clients who have threatened robbed extorted or been violent toward other sex workers in the past Sex workers also organize around the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers every Dec 17 But even with such preventive measures Hill said safety is never guaranteed “The best thing you can do is know some type of self-defense” Hill said Briq House a sex worker intimacy coach and communications director at the Sex Workers Outreach Project underscored that consensual sex workers were having these conversations long before #MeToo “Weve always had to be on our toes weve always had to watch our backs” House said “because we have no one but ourselves” Write to Samantha Cooney at [email protected] the latest nuclear test.

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