Fali: “I would love to retire in Cádiz, until they don’t kick me out I’m not leaving”

first_imgWhy did you choose to live in the capital?Everyone said they lived in Jerez and I thought ‘something Cadiz will have that nobody wants to go’ (laughs), but when I arrived, I said ‘I have to live here’. I live in front of the stadium.Living so close to Carranza, does it motivate you?Clear! I go to the stadium supermarket and tell my wife, above is Carranza!Did you speak with Perea and Romera before signing for Cádiz (did the 2017-18 season coincide at Barça B)?Yes, I talked to them and they told me it was spectacular. Roberto Perera and Manuel Vizcaíno also called me and I said ‘let’s try it’.Is the dressing room a family as shown?I have been in changing rooms and we have been partners, but here we are all a family, from Juan Marchante (utillero) to the president. It is the key to our success.How did you live the arrival of your friend Choco Lozano?When his name came out I talked to him and said come to Cádiz! We have a very good relationship and for me it was a joy to come.Who has been the player that has surprised you most in the locker room?Everybody. They immediately put you in the group. I didn’t know Cala and everyone was telling me, watch out for Cala! (jokes). On top of that I had it as a roommate and I thought ooo, you’ll see this one that is going to mess me up! But what’s up, it’s spectacular. Playing by your side is lucky. He has won UEFA …What do you think of José Mari?José Mari is one of the best midfielders in the category. He tricked me, you see him skinny but he hits some hosts … He is a player who gives us a lot of life in the field.How is your relationship with Álvaro Cervera?Mr. speaks little, but I am grateful. Part of my renovation is for him. In the first training I did a filtered pass and he said no, that here inside not, here outside. It makes you watch football in a way that gives results. The teams that even when they play badly win are the ones that will be up.What did you feel the first time in Carranza?The first game was against Osasuna and two hours before I see a lot of people out the window, we were fifth and the leader was coming and I said my mother! I got nervous and started stretching because it smelled like I was going to play. When I entered Carranza and saw 20,000 people, who had never played with so much public, I thought: ‘Like the mess they will kill me (laughs)’.It has a character very similar to that of Cadiz.Yes, that’s why they have welcomed me so well (laughs). I think the fans see the delivery of players like Garrido, like me, who leave our soul, and value it. In the first press conference here I said ‘I come to burst it, not on vacation’.What is your secret to recovering so soon from injuries?Each injury is different. When I had a broken foot, I was scared, I couldn’t even support it, but in the end they told me it was a fissure, so I told Alvarito (Sánchez-Ferragut, physiotherapist) ‘we’re going to give him a shot that I’m racing for’ . He told me it was impossible, but in the end I got it. The game was on Friday and I decided to do double sessions to be able to be available, because if the coach doesn’t see you up by a hundred, he doesn’t put you, and I wanted to play. Cervera doesn’t ask if you’re okay, he watches you and decides. When I saw myself on the board as a headline, I thought: ‘This master is a titan!’ And the truth is that I was fine, my foot didn’t hurt.Always willing to serve everyone.I am so. If they stop me in the street, I talk to them, I have no problem. They are the same people as me. I care about the opinion of the fans. My neighbor is now my friend, on the day of the game against Osasuna he said ‘hey, pisha, you are the Fali, aren’t you?’. And I said ‘if we win, we have a beer’. From there, he is my friend. Happy with the renovation until 2024?For me it is a very beautiful thing, so take advantage of these years and especially this, that we have the best.Are you comfortable in Cádiz?Yes, and very happy with the city. I live in Cádiz and my family is happy to be here, they live very well. The city is spectacular. And how does your family have to be stopped in the street?My wife says: ‘Honey, you are important. You for everyone! ‘ She is delighted in Cádiz. People are crazy. One day we went to have an ice cream and did not want to give one to my daughter because she had misbehaved, and the ice cream girl arrived and gave her an ice cream. I’m not used to giving things to the girl. The people here are very humble, very like me. It seems that I was born here.Would you like to retire in Cádiz?The president stung and has renewed me four years, now to see if I can get him four more years (laughs). I would love to retire here. If you tell me to renew eight years, I sign. I’m very comfortable here, until they kick me out I’m not leaving.Dreams to fulfill?Upload to First. If we ascend, I tattoo the shield of Cádiz. I am able to pull myself off the bus, I trust that the fans take me! (jokes).He did not have an easy life, but he is proud of his gypsy roots.I am very proud to come from the family that I come from, so humble. It has cost me a lot of work, but that effort and the bad thing that I have had has made me mentally very strong. My wife sometimes tells me: ‘You said you weren’t going to get it and look!’ My family told me ‘How are you going to play football! For what you charge come with us to scrap or to the market’. But I wanted to try.Has football left you friends?In the Hurricane I met Tariq Spezie and I continue talking to him. El Choco is more than a friend, and David Costas and Alberto Perea too. Surely I forget someone.How does your father live his success?In a playoff with the Hurricane it was very hot and when the game ended I saw an ambulance, it was my father. He gave him an anxiety attack so I said: ‘You don’t come anymore!’ If he comes to Carranza, I feel stiff. He asked me when GolTV was broadcasting the next game and I said: ‘I think they don’t televise us anymore.’ Also, with what we suffer …There are not many gypsy players, what is the reason?Our life is difficult, we get married soon and priorities change. I married 16 years old and I was in Levante B. In the morning I worked in the scrap metal and in the afternoon I trained. I married 16 years old and I was already 30 years old. People tell me that I am very old. Of course, with all that I have suffered … For me it is a pride to see Antoñín (Málaga) and Joaquín Fernández (Valladolid). Few gypsy players leave, but the one that comes out is good.What do you think of the malaguista Antoñín?We got a great header. It is very heavy (he jokes). He has a lot of nerve and is a good striker, he still has to learn because he is very young, but a hole is being made. I also follow Joaquin, it is a pride that there are more and more gypsies in football.What would you say to gypsy children who have the dream of dedicating themselves to football?That all work has its reward. They have to continue, that the parents support them, that they do not immediately tell them to leave it and that, although economic efforts must be made, they will be encouraged.Would you like to be a reference for the gypsy people?Of course. When I go to my neighborhood, parents say to their children: ‘See? He has arrived, so you can too. ‘ Everyone wants them to be like me, and that’s good, because at least they are going to support them.Have you heard carnival?-I heard Daddy Cadi and laughed a lot. This year they go from gypsies. I don’t understand Carnival, but I laugh. When I entered the Falla to record the renewal video I hallucinated. I want to go to a session. I would like to participate in a cameo, but I want to talk (jokes).Tell us about your experience at Barcelona B.It was a very good experience, I learned a lot. The coach (Gerard López) was like my father. Valverde liked the delivery of the youth players and gave me the opportunity to train with the first team. In addition, I met a referent like Busquets thanks to his father (Carlos Busquets). My legs were shaking like when my wife was going to give birth.He came for Pantic’s injury, to stayFali arrived in Cádiz on loan from Nàstic de Tarragona to cover the loss due to Pantic’s long-term injury in the final stretch of last season. What seemed an urgent arrival became such a resounding success that the entity chaired by Manuel Vizcaíno paid the clause to the Tarragona club, about 250,000 euros.last_img read more

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