High school shooting victim mourned

first_imgEmilio Hoffman was prone to pranks and the kind of mischief that drove teachers crazy. He often woke his foster brother up in the middle of the night just to share a bowl of cereal. The Troutdale teen scrunched his face up in self-portraits.“He was actually a pest,” said his father, Abraham Gallardo.And they adored him.The 14-year-old hated to see people sad, friends and family said at his funeral Sunday afternoon. Every prank, every silly-faced selfie was intended to make people laugh.“You couldn’t help but smile when he smiled,” said Jesse Slick, Emilio’s sixth-grade teacher at Reynolds Arthur Academy. “If you were down in the dumps, he lifted you up.”It’s been nearly two weeks since Hoffman was fatally shot in the Reynolds High School locker room. On Tuesday, June 10, a 15-year-old freshman brought two guns, nine ammunition magazines and a large knife to the school, apparently prepared to shoot many more.“The questions play over and over in my head: Why?” said Emilio’s mother, Jennifer Hoffman. “I would give anything to know the answer.”last_img read more

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