Humble Lion vows to take case to CFU

first_imgHumble Lion Football Club and their president, Mike Henry, are up in arms with a recent Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) ruling fining the club $25,000 and deducting three points.Portmore United claimed Humble Lion used an ineligible player, who was registered to Portmore United, in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) game between the teams on January 24 at the Effortville Community Centre. Humble Lion won the game 3-1.Humble Lion maintain that the player in question, 18-year-old Ricardo Dennis, has not played for Portmore in five seasons, which automatically makes him a free agent.Portmore United, on the other hand, produced documents indicating that the player represented them in the St Catherine Under-17 tournament in 2014.Document withdrawnSince, according to Henry, Portmore asked for that document to be withdrawn because of irregularities and requested that investigations into the matter be postponed.Consequently, Henry, who is also the member of parliament (MP) for Clarendon Central, is demanding that the scoreline and points be restored, and the $25,000 fine rescinded.Anthony Pringle, one of the club’s founders, said they met all criteria to register the player, while Portmore are yet to produce one piece of legal evidence that the player belongs to the club.”Where a player has not performed in an official match for 30 months, a transfer certificate is not required. He (Dennis) last played for Portmore at U15s in 2011 and he has not played for five years.”We will find a way to take it to Caribbean Football Union (CFU) and FIFA. We are also expressing the community feeling, and I am willing to pursue it as it is not a decision that should be supported on the integrity of how we should operate,” he added.”The player said he has not played for Portmore at the Under-17 level. He gave us that in writing and his family has said so. But the important element is this document here (St Catherine U-17 competition match card). This document they are using is the one Portmore said was improperly dealt with,” Henry said, while issuing copies of a match card of a St Catherine Under-17 competition from 2014, at a press conference hosted by the club in Kingston yesterday.Dennis’ name was on the match card as a substitute.”In that context, even Mr Jackie (Patrick) Walters’ name is used. I asked Jackie Walters if he was present on this day, and he said no. He was not even on the ground,” Henry revealed of the match card, which also had Walters’ name written on it.”So we are saying this is a fraudulent document and does not prove Dennis played for them. So I will not stray from the illegality of the document,” Henry said.The Clarendon club appealed the decision initially.However, it was upheld by the Professional Football Association of Jamaica.Henry believes the process was compromised, as instead of the three-member appeals panel, only two were present to make the ruling.”I question the integrity of some of the decisions. I asked Mr [Winston] Dawes, ‘So why were you not at the meeting?’. He said he only saw it on the TV and only two members of that body met, and he was never invited to the meeting.”last_img read more

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