Linux developer joins Humble Bundle team fulltime

first_imgThe Humble Bundles that appear on a regular basis do a lot not only to raise money for charity, but also to highlight a whole bunch of indie games everyone should play. In more recent bundles the Humble team has also been pushing into new areas, more specifically getting the games to run on Android and Linux. The one problem with this is ensuring all games in each bundle support those platforms.When the Humble Indie Bundle 6 went live back in September, it promised Linux support for the 6 games on offer. However, one of those games, Vessel, has yet to appear in a working form on Linux due to a number of unforeseen setbacks mainly to do with porting between Direct3D and OpenGL. It has even got to the point where the Humble team is now offering refunds to those who want them.Clearly, they don’t want such a scenario to happen again and so have done something about it. Edward Rudd has joined the Humble team as a full-time Linux developer. He’s already credited with getting 17 Humble games to work with Linux, so for future bundles compatibility should be assured.This isn’t just good news for Linux gamers, it also offers up an opportunity for developers wanting to port their games to Linux (and Mac). The Humble team wants to actively encourage and help train those developers to work with platforms other than Windows.If you bought the 6th Humble Bundle and still want to play Vessel on Linux, don’t worry, work continues on the port and it will arrive eventually.More at The Humble Mumblelast_img read more

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