New loadsharing releasable backstop for conveyor systems

first_imgStieber Clutch has expanded its range of load sharing backstops with the introduction of the RSRT releasable backstop. In conveyor systems, when there is a blockage, belt jam or overload, the release facility allows the stored energy to be released in a controlled manner, enabling personnel to work on the belt after an incident. The RSRT is a centrifugal lift off, sprag type backstop with an integral torque limiter and release-under-load function. It has been developed for use on the high speed or intermediate shaft of the driving machines in multi-drive systems such as on large inclined conveyors, where two or more backstops share the reverse load. The mechanical release function allows the tension of a jammed belt to be released through an internal hydraulic system. The release is performed using a simple hand pump to actuate the hydraulic cylinder, progressively releasing the backstop.When the oil pressure is released, the backstop is automatically re-set to the original slipping torque. The operation can be controlled and halted at any time, helping to boost productivity. Where multiple backstops are employed, these can be linked and operated simultaneously from a centralised control location.last_img read more

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